Lördag 21 december

Mina kära vänner!
Tyvärr så måste jag göra mitt sista inlägg för i år.Jag skriver nu till er från bockhimlen.

Jag är så ledsen att jag redan måste lämna er! Jag hade verkligen trott och hoppas på att få fira jul med er alla och få följa med er in i det nya året men tyvärr var det någon som inte tyckte det!
I natt strax efter klockan fyra blev det riktigt hett. Någon satte eld på mig, usch! fruktansvärt!

Har ni hört eller sett någonting? Hör gärna av er till Bockkommittén. De läser mina mejl

Jag är verkligen glad för den tid vi fick tillsammans och för den tid jag fick stå på Slottstorget och sprida julstämning! Jag längtar redan till nästa år när vi ses igen!

Ha en riktigt God jul och ett gott nytt år!

My dear friends!
Unfortunately, I have to make my last post for this year. I´m now writing to you from goat heaven.

I´m so sorry that I already have to leave you! I had really thought and hoped that I would celebrate Christmas with all of you and get to go with you into the new year but unfortunately it was someone who did not think so! Last night just after four pm it got really hot. Someone set fire on me, ugh! terrible!

Have you heard or seen anything? Please contact the goat committé. They read my e-mail

I'm really happy for the time we had together and for the time I got to stand on the Castle Square and spread Christmas spirit! I'm already looking forward to next year when we meet again!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I´ll see you all next year!

5 kommentarer:

  1. You shouldn't have to apologize for what pyromaniac bullies do to you. I had the webcam up on my laptop when you burned - I saw the smoke from the corner of my eye when I was looking at my other computer's screen, and right there, my heart was broken.

    I've spent nearly the entire time you've stood watching you from here in Missouri, USA. Your virtual presence has been a joy for me!

    From this side of Goat Heaven, I wish you God jul och ett gott nytt år! I'll see you again when you rise like a phoenix in November!

  2. My heart is broken! I just don't know how anyone could be so unkind to the rest of the world who were watching and enjoying you and the city of Gavle. Last night (early morning for you) I was watching and saw a man who was standing across the street from you and he stood there a very very long time not seeming to move. He was wearing a white sweater. I know he will be saved in your video. Then four or five more men came by in black and walked out of view. I hope your committee will be able to catch the folks who are responsible for this awful, and unlawful act! I loved watching you this season and had really hoped to see you on Christmas morning. Thanks so much to the committee who brings you back to us each year. I will be thinking of you all year until next November and eagerly waiting for you! (And a special thanks to whoever was your voice this year.)

    Vivian in Georgia USA

  3. I thought we would see each other on Christmas...we were so close! I was watching too and hope the houligans will be caught! I did enjoy watching you and checking up on you morning and night. Till next year my Swedish friend. Mary Delaware USA

  4. I was an exchange student in Gavle...a long time ago. This year I came back for your induction and to visit my classmates and Swedish family. The time spent with you put the christmas spirit in my heart.

    Mary (Chicago USA)

  5. Such a shame......Child like minded people should have been supervised and not allowed to play with matches.